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Just Breathe Yoga, Fitness, Boutique & Wellness Center provides an experience that creates the ability for all of those who walk through the door the chance to participate in classes that will grow the mind, strengthen the body and improve your overall health. At Just Breathe, we hope to offer a unique experience no matter what level you are at. Whether you want heated or non-heated classes there are plenty of options to fit in anyone's schedule. We offer a full schedule with a class for everyone!

Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Warm Vinyasa, Non Heated Yoga Classes, Power Yoga, Acro Yoga, Dharma ,Yin & Restorative, Asthanga, Pre Natal, Kids Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, Kids, Reiki, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Speceial Events, Workshops & More!


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Located at 299 Raft Ave, Sayville, NY 11782  
(T) 631.750.5647




A Note From Nicki


Hey Guys, 


I just wanted to send something out today. Really all I want to say is hello. I miss you all and miss the studio.  Tommy, Averie, and myself are navigating all of this like most of you. 


Confusion and anxiety seem to be the common denominator.  Everyone is running to the grocery store, calling family members, and deciding the next steps towards what seems to be a two week shutdown of normalcy. The very simple child-like part of me wishes this wasn’t happening. The grown-up part is tryIng to control what it can. Maybe that is why we all are buying so much toilet paper. 


Truth, I am teaching tomorrow because it helps to feel normal. Seeing faces in the meditation room the other day helped toward feeling connected. I heard someone’s child laugh,  little Dylan, and it felt like a blessing. 


I will be teaching 10 am Ashtanga tomorrow.  


Just Breathe Yoga in conjunction with the Free Yoga Project are working to offer a wide variety of classes for you to have during your time at home! So please look daily as they will most likely change an evolve often. 


Robin - thank you creating the online format and organizing the teachers. 


Jude-  thank you for creating the website and a plan of action.


I am just the witness and want to teach and practice. The community practicing is a priority. Whatever, I can do to make this simple and assessable I will do. 


I love you guys tons... and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. 





A Note From Jude


I miss all of you tremendously. I drove by the studio yesterday so I can see my yoga home. The home that has created love in a way  I didn't even know existed. 

Enjoy every little thing that is happening to you right now in a place of gratitude. The Universe is asking all of us to slow down. Mother Earth is healing.

Let's make the best decisions now so that when we resume back to the routines of life without social distancing we share the yoga with everyone we meet. I am not talking about the physical movements we call our practice, I am talking about really embracing and living the following mantra: 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu  

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

A Note from Bodhi

I can't wait to get back to the studio. My mom is driving me crazy. I miss everyone and can't wait to get back and smell all of your shoes.

You are all in our thoughts and our prayers. Although we can't see your face to greet you as you walk through the doors of your Just Breathe Home, now is the time to embrace that Home is truly where the heart is...

And ours are with you and your family at this time.

Be the Love.

Be the Peace.

Be the Yoga.

You are Ready to RISE UP to this Challenge!

We Miss You

We want to see your face (virtual for now)

Please go to to find a schedule of classes available.

Our goal is to add as many classes as we can, but we too have learned that we have to slow down, see the beauty all around us, enjoy it, embrace it and work from a place of health. So keep checking the schedule to see where we are.

How to Practice Yoga

Auto- pay - all auto-pay membership are being put on suspension, this is proactively so no one has money removed from their accounts they might need during this time period. All the balances of time on this months package will be extended appropriately with the studio reopening. 


extended for period of time the studio is closed. 


extended for period of time the studio is closed. 

Class cards

there will be no expirations on class cards.


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