Give Yourself Time

Try to arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to remove your shoes and put away your belongings. Enjoy getting settled on your yoga mat. If your class starts at 8pm and you arrive at 8pm the likelihood is that your teacher will have already started. Your arrival will disrupt the class environment (no matter how quietly you sneak in!)


Let Us Know Who You Are

Please check in and say hi to us at the front desk before entering the yoga room. (even if you signed up online ahead of time.) We love to get to know everyone's name.


Remove Your Shoes

Just Breathe Yoga is a barefoot environment. Please leave your shoes in the hallway. At no point are shoes allowed in the yoga rooms.


Bring What You Need

Only mats, towels and water are needed in the studio space. Please leave all of your personal belongings in cubbies and benches outside of the room.


Honor Your Body

You can rest at any point in any class. It's a fundamental part of yoga. Feel free to drink water whenever you need it (just not while you are in an active yoga pose). We ask that you remain in the room for the full duration of the class. Make sure you use the restroom and have plenty of water with you so you don't have to disrupt the practice. If there is a medical reason you need to leave, please let your yoga instructor know immediately.


Observe Silence and Disconnect

Leave your cellphone and electronics outside of the room. We observe silence in the room before class starts. Please honor this space as a safe haven for peace and quiet.

This may be the only time a person has during the week to self reflect noise free.


Be Scent Aware

The yoga room can be unforgiving when it comes to scents. Make sure you are wiping down and cleaning your mat and washing your towels. Don't make a habit of leaving wet clothes in your car. At some point no matter how many times you wash an item, body scents may not come out. Nothing lasts forever so don't be shy about discarding belongings when the ripe is right.


Be Kind

We all love our personal space, but sometimes the universe brings an abundance of energy into the room. Use this as fuel for your practice. If you see the room is getting full , do your best to help make room for the next person that shows up. It's a huge help to your teacher as well.


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