• Jude Levy

How Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life

If you have fallen into a love affair with your yoga practice like I have, there may come a time when you just want more. Once you have got "bitten", you start showing up on your mat consistently, explore different styles, go on retreats, attend workshops and more.

I was introduced to the practice in my early 20's and with it came an on-again off-again relationship with my mat. The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits were like nothing I had ever experienced.Over periods of time due to various circumstances I would lose touch and stray away from the practice, but I would always try my best to come back.

In my 30's, a very close friend bought me a yoga package for my birthday and I never looked back. I tried several studios and finally found one that felt like hOhm. Always-At-Aum Yoga became my healing ground. As my practice grew so did my self love and appreciation for my teachers who dedicated their time to help those who were ready heal. 

The owner of Always-At-Aum, Robin Appel,took noticed how often I was showing up to the practice and suggested that I take the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. My initial response was how could I possibly work that into my schedule. I worked full time in the city making a 6 figure income and giving up my weekends didn't make sense at all. Robin told me that if it was something that I wanted to do, it would work out and for over a year, it was left as a thought in the back of my head. My heart knew that this was my path and so the manifesting began. The day came for me to make the commitment and so it happened, I took my credit card out and signed.

To say that it was the best decision of my life would be an understatement. I was completely immersed in the details of the practice, ranging from anatomy and asana to philosophy and energy systems. I soaked it all up like a thirsty sponge. All of those who were in my training became part of a new family, whom I looked forward to seeing every weekend. Gone was the socialization I was used to of going out to bars and restaurants. Spare time was spent reading, doing assignments and learning as much as I could.During the training, one person in particular, Nicole Stumpf, stood out as someone I knew would be in my life forever. I wasn't wrong. Not long after our training we both gave up the corporate rat race and took a gamble in creating a lifestyle that revolved around our love of yoga. Just Breathe Yoga just celebrated their 4 year anniversary and not a day goes by that I don't give gratitude for the day I decided to register for the Yoga Teacher Training.



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