• Jude Levy

Battle the Post Holiday Blues

It's the beginning of January and you may find your not feeling your sparkly holiday self. After weeks of decorating, shopping, visiting, holiday parties and seeing family and friends, you wake up and it's abruptly come to an end. You may experience a feeling of emptiness as the quiet creeps in and the decorations disappear. Thoughts may focus on the disappointments of your holiday being less than what you expected. Just know that you are not alone, studies have shown that over 25% percent of Americans suffer mild to severe depression in the beginning of January.So how do you get back on track?

Call it Out. You can't pretend or wish it away. Ignoring our feelings creates a blockage of physical and emotional energy. Identify the emotion itself and where you feel it in your body. Sometimes just verbalizing what is going through our mind is all we need to feel better.

Let go of the "I AM". Many of us are of the mindset that we are the emotions we are feeling. How many of us say " I AM sad, I AM depressed"?Reality is that we are not actually the I AM of these emotions. These emotions are sensations simply moving through us.Seperating the "I" from your feelings is the first step in creating space and levity.Become the witness...

Set fun plans for the future. It's okay to start planning for your next trip or maybe just a full day of self care. Plan a day alone catering to your needs such as a massage, facial, acupuncture or reiki. Getting excited for fun things to come, you can quickly change your mood around. Stay tuned for an in studio retreat this winter.

Start becoming more active.It's not easy to go out when the weather is cold and it gets dark so early, but commit to your well being and create new habits. Use yoga as a way to clear out negative energy stuck in your body. I have never heard of someone feeling worst after a class then they did when they walked in.

Meditate and Relax.When you ground into the present moment, let go of the past, and release the need to focus on what's coming next, you will experience the here and now. Everything is perfect exactly as it is. We have a ton of offerings at the studio that can help you learn how to do this. There is no better time to take your yoga practice off the mat than now. Whether you are new to to practice or a seasoned yogi, you can dig into that beautiful breath and create the warmth and lightness that you need to battle the end of holiday blues.

Find a way to volunteer.The holidays are over and feelings of charity and good will may dissipate at local charities. I know someone who goes to NICU and gives hugs to little babies, talk about a mood elevator. Maybe a local pet shelter giving hugs to dogs who are missing love is the perfect answer.

Spend time with your real friends.Now that the family obligations are over, this is the perfect time to reconnect with those who you enjoy spending time with. Being around friends and laughter is perfect for the soul.

Shut down. Your devices can throw of your circadian cycle and contribute to your depression. Find a new book or an activity to replace the time you are used to spending your free time with.

Get out of your comfort zone.Make a commitment to yourself to challenge yourself to embrace a situation or experience that you deem as "scary". Each time you conquer a fear reward yourself to something big or small to for a job well done.

Battle SAD.If you think that the darkness and cold weather that many of us experience during the festive season might be contributing to your blues, you may be one of many people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you find that you feel more depressed or lethargic over the autumn and winter months, it may be worth investing in a SAD light box which can help reduce the negative effects caused by the lack of natural light during this season.

Clean out your home. Learn Feng Shui.

Purge all of the belongings that don't bring you pure happiness. Get rid of those clothes you have been holding on to because you are afraid to let them go. Find double joy when you donate these items to someone who needs it more than you. A course in Feng Shui at Just Breathe can help you create the balance your home is looking for. As you know feeling comfortable and happy at home can elevate your overall peace and happiness.

Add B Vitamins to your daily intake.

Spinach, avocados and bananas are rich in folate sources. Vitamin B is a boost for your mood regulation hormones. Maybe find a cooking class and learn how to incorporate these foods into your diet in a new way.

Make a gratitude jar.

Fill up an empty jar with notes of gratitude to start your day. Take a look back at the end of the holidays next year and you will be able to jump start the feelings of love and abundance, guaranteed to boost your mood.



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