AcroYoga is a mix of partner acrobatics, Thai massage, and yoga. Essentially, it builds a practice of the understanding of trust. Trust within the body, trust within the community, and trust in the fact that it's a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you'd be able to do

Some benefits include:

• Kinesthetic Awareness
• Muscle Building
• Strengthens and tones muscles
• Stretching
• Relaxation
• Improves concentration
• Strengthens core
• Helps build relationshops
• Helps confront conflicts
• Teaches you how to surrender

Contact Yoga 

The word ‘yoga’ means union in Sanskrit, and this is exactly what partner yoga aims to achieve – a uniting of two people.

It is a fabulous medium for building stronger communication and intimacy in just about any kind of relationship, whether it is friendship, a family member, or your significant other. Postures and flow sequences are designed in an awesome way to create and nurture trust, strengthen communication and create a sense of laughter and light heartedness!

Partner yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, touch and importantly, in this forum – through intimacy. Here are some of the benefits of partner yoga, and what it can bring to your relationship:

Some benefits include:

• Enhances And Cultivates Physical And Emotional Support In Relationships
• Creates memorable shared moments
• Teaches the feeling of "letting go"
• Improves self awareness
• Teaches the power of touch
• Creates a sense of balance
• Introduces levity to your practice


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